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cnc machining services


Rapid Milling Machining 

Cnc milling is an very cost effective method to make complicated prototypes. Material that be used to cnc machining here includes aluminum, stainless steel,titanium and so on.

Precision CNC Turning

CNC Turning is mainly used for the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces of shaft or disc parts,the innerand outer conical surfaces of any taper angle,the complex inner and outer curved surfaces,the cylindreical and conical threads,etc.,and can be used for grooving,drilling,reming,reaming,etc.


Swiss Cnc Machining

Our swiss cnc machining are perfect for machining small complex parts in any volume.The most precision parts we have produced is the thimble on the phone chip.The thimble hole is not visible to the human eye.

5-Axis CNC Machining

5-axis machining is commonly used in the aerospace industry to machine body parts,turbine parts,and impellers with free-form surfaces.The 5 axis machine tool can machining different sides of the workpiece without changing the position of the workpiece,which can greatly improve the machining efficiency of the prismatic parts.


CNC Machining Production 

Our machining scope covers automotive,aerospace,machine equipment,construction hardware,led industry,electronic parts and other non-standard parts.

CNC Machined Parts Material

Our cnc machining&cutting services have been refined to an exact science that allows us to customcut almost any material,including:
         machining aluminum&its alloy(6061,6063,7075,etc)
         other metal material:stainless/copper/brass/titanium/magnesium 
         hardness plastic material:uhmw/acetal/delrin/teflon etc


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